WinSLT_Sommer_Informatik_Produktaufbau_ENGWinSLT is a software solution to calculate solar characteristics of glazing and thermal properties of insulation glass according to DIN EN 410, DIN EN 673 and EN ISO 13363 in combination with sun protection. You can import and use own data for spectral data of coatings, glass and sun protection devices in WinSLT Professional. Boundary conditions can be defined freely. Moreover, the construction can consist of as many layers as you want and optionally expanded with blinds as an add-on-Option.

Free DemoversionSolar lighttransmission

  • Generation of glass units from glass and coatings
  • Facility that makes the creation of gas mixtures simple
  • Calculation of sunshade devices within glazing units or internal or external blinds
  • spectral diagram can be printed
  • Generate laminated glass out of basic data of glass and foils
  • Boundary conditions can be defined freely
  • You can freely combine coatings and glasses within the technical possibilities
  • You can import own spectral data into the database
  • The construction can consist of as many layers as you want
  • Slats-Module as an Add-On-Option
  • Calculation of transmission, reflection, absorption for UV radiation, visible light and IR radiation
  • Total energy transmission according to EN 410 (g-value) and EN ISO 13363 (gtotal-value) in combination of glasses with sun protections (hangings, shutter, etc.)
  • Thermal transmission coefficient (Ug-value) according to EN 673 for single-, double-, triple- and multiple glazing
  • Temperature gradient through the cross section